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Magic Mathworks Travelling Circus
Experiencing Mathematics through Sight, Sound, Touch and Movement


    ‘Explorations’ are topics for students to investigate on their own. Though little hands-on work is ¬†included, we take advantage of the software package GeoGebra in several cases.

    You have to load ‘Tiling transformations’ as three parts: Intro, (A), (B).

    Tiling transformations intro

    Tiling transformations (A)

    Tiling transformations (B)

    ‘Shape counts in a tiling’ is complete.

    Shape counts in a tiling

    ‘Number City rows’ concerns the station ‘Number City’ under the topic heading¬†Multiplikation.

    Number city rows

    ‘Figurate numbers’ summarises and extends the results of the masterclass of the same name.

    Figurate numbers

    ‘Dissection algebra’ is about finding area ratios without calculation, namely by dissection.

    Dissection algebra



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