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Magic Mathworks Travelling Circus
Experiencing Mathematics through Sight, Sound, Touch and Movement





15th Primary R. I. masterclass, C. of E. primary school, Bury, W. Sussex

16th primary masterclass, King’s House School, Richmond, London


2nd-3rd Secondary masterclasses, Werner von Siemens Gesamtschule, Nettetal

28th Secondary R. I. masterclass, Cambridge


5th Secondary R.I. masterclass, Cambridge


June 2016

22nd-24th   The Goetheschule, Essen


12th Primary R.I. masterclass, Dormers Wells High School, Southall

September 2016

24th Secondary R. I. masterclass, Cambridge

January 2017

16th-27th Carl Fuhlrott Gymnasium, Wuppertal   

30th – …

February 2017 

… 3rd  Gymnasium Broich, Mülheim

6th – 10th Ganztagsgymnasium Johannes Rau, Wuppertal

May 2017

8th – 12th Freie aktive Schule, Wülfrath

15th – 19th Gymnasium Am Kothen, Wuppertal

July 2017

5th – 7th Goetheschule, Essen

September 2017

1st – 2nd   Talking Maths conference, Bath

30th       R. I. secondary masterclass, Cambridge

October 2017

14th        R. I. primary masterclass, The Cedars, Croydon

January 2018

25th        R.I. primary masterclass, Willink School, Reading

27th        R. I. secondary masterclass, Queen Mary University, London

February 2018

10th        R. I. secondary masterclass, Greenwich University, London

March 2018

3rd           R. I. primary masterclass, Royal Institution, Londo

12th-16th  Horkesgath Gymnasium, Krefeld

April 2018

3rd-6th   BCME9 conference, Warwick University
17th          R.I. primary masterclass, Brent

May 2018

12th          R.I. secondary masterclass, Bromley

July 2018

4th – 6th  The Goetheschule, Essen, Germany

September 2018

11th          Magic Mathworks exhibition, St Anne’s Primary School, Erskine
13th – 14th   R. I. primary masterclasses, Magic Mathworks exhibition, Inzievar Primary School, Oakley
20th         R. I. primary masterclass, King’s House School, Kingston-on-Thames
28th         R. I. primary masterclass, Hampshire Collegiate School, Romsey

October 2018

6th           R. I. primary masterclass, Ipswich
13th         R. I. primary masterclass, Brighton
17th         R. I. primary masterclass, Holy Cross Preparatory School, Kingston-on-Thames
29th – 31st    MATRIX conference, Barcelona

November 2018

3rd        R. I. primary masterclass, The Royal Institution, London

January 2019

28th – …

February 2019

… – 1st     Gymnasium Broich, Mülheim

March 2019

30th          R.I. secondary masterclass, Bradford University

July 2019

3rd – 5th  The Goetheschule, Essen





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