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Magic Mathworks Travelling Circus
Experiencing Mathematics through Sight, Sound, Touch and Movement

The Virtual Circus

 Multiplication Virtual Circus
 Virtueller Mathe-Zirkus: Multiplikation

Number Patterns
 Number Patterns Virtual Circus
 Virtueller Mathe-Zirkus: Zahlenmuster

Prime Climb
 Prime Climb Exhibit
 Der ,Prime Climb’ Bleistift


 Transformations Virtual Circus
 Virtueller Mathe-Zirkus: Transformationen

Tile Gallery
 The Tile Gallery
 Die Mosaik-Galerie


For a Circus visit to be of lasting value you will have to consider carefully how you follow it up. To help you, we are building up a resource bank here on the site. There are:

  • virtual experiments complementing and extending the real ones,
  • information pages on the underlying mathematics,
  • suggestions to help your children build the apparatus for themselves.

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