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The Prime Climb Pencil

  • prime-climb-pencilWhether you’ve actually got a prime climb pencil
  • or just been shown a prime climb pencil box
  • or just got dizzy walking round and round the giant prime climb pencil in the real Circus
  • or are just very interested in primes,

you’ve come to the right place!

prime-climbThe Prime Climb Pencil is just a special version of John Harrison’s Numdrum.
Visit to learn more about that.
The Numdrum winds round in 10s, the Prime Climb Pencil in 6s.

Continuing your investigations

Make ‘prime climb’ boxes based on numbers other than six >

Study the properties of prime numbers further via these two websites.

The first lists interesting problems and quotes solutions by young people.
Go to and type ‘prime’ in the search box at the top right of the screen.

The second lists the problems professional mathematicians have yet to solve. The list contains our twin primes conjecture and others equally famous.
Go to

On the same site is a list of primes up to 1,000 to help with your researches:

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