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The Tile Gallery

tile-gallery-mainIn the Tilings section of the real Circus you have the chance to make tessellations (all-over patterns) using regular polygons.

These tilings are periodic, that is to say, any part repeats by translation: you can make them in the art room as block prints.

You can use just one type of polygon – e.g. the equilateral triangle – in which case you produce a regular tiling. (There are just 3 of these.)

Or you can use more than one type – e.g. the equilateral triangle and the regular hexagon.

If you arrange these so that every corner in which polygons meet (vertex) looks the same, you have a semiregular tiling. (There are just 8 of these, though one has a mirror form.)

However, if you allow vertices of more than one type, the number of possibilities is large. These are the demiregular tilings.

Here, in the Tile Gallery, you have the chance to display a demiregular tiling you have made – or indeed a tiling which is not periodic, e.g. one that grows out symmetrically from a centre.

E-mail to us a digital photograph of your tiling as a ‘.jpeg’ file. If it’s one we haven’t seen before, we’ll put it on the wall of our gallery with a line or two underneath saying what we find interesting about it.

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